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COMSOL Simulations WEEK

The COMSOL Conference Tokyo has been held in December every year, but this year, COMSOL has decided not to hold the conference worldwide. However, COMSOL has decided not to hold the conference worldwide this year due to a decision by COMSOL. Therefore, in order to provide opportunities for users to make presentations and to continue to support those who promote research and development, we will hold the conference online for one week from December 3 to December 10 with the same content as in previous years, although the name will be changed.
Many researchers from companies and universities who are involved in CAE analysis and design will be participating in the conference, so we hope you will make use of it as a place to introduce your research.

Conference live schedule

The 2021 event will not only be streamed on demand, but will also be streamed live for a total of 11 times. It is full of valuable lectures that can only be viewed live. Please join us.
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10:00 13:30
12/3(Fri) 10:00

This time will not be held.


Seriously talk about CAE-COMSOL Multiphysics seen from the solution business and the agency business-

Kobelco Research Institute Co., Ltd., Technology Headquarters, Computational Science Center, Tatsuya Yamagami

Measurement Engineering System, Sales Technology Team, Kazuyuki Misumi

12/6(Mon) 10:00

Introducing multiphysics simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics @ -Sketchbook of inspiration-

Measurement Engineering System, Engineering Department, Makoto Fukukawa

12/7(Tue) 10:00

About the multiphysics finite element method

Measurement Engineering System, Senior Researcher, Masanori Hashiguchi

12/8(Wed) 10:00 13:30

Current visualization and analysis in neuroelectric stimulation

Nidek Co., Ltd., Research and Development Headquarters, Artificial Vision Research Institute, Yasuo Terazawa

12/9(Thu) 10:00

What a CAE app should be to please

Measurement Engineering System, Sales Technology Team, Gensei Mishima


[Keynote Q & A Live Lecture] Infectious disease testing platform using artificial intelligence nanopores

Osaka University, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Taniguchi (Masa) Laboratory, Professor Masateru Taniguchi

12/10(Fri) 10:00

Topology optimization using evolutionary equations described in PDE mode

Kyoto University, Graduate School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Professor Tsuguo Kondo


Analysis of heat of lithium-ion battery using equivalent circuit

Measurement Engineering System, Sales Technology Team, Tatsuhiko Nagayama